BRACOO EE90 Fulcrum Elbow Sleeve
BRACOO EE90 Fulcrum Elbow Sleeve
BRACOO EE90 Fulcrum Elbow Sleeve

BRACOO EE90 Fulcrum Elbow Sleeve

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  • DYNAMIC ELASTICATED COMPRESSION provides mild, form-fitting, support while providing extra elasticity at the elbow, and reduced bunching along the inside of the arm; ideal for treating swelling after racquet sports, improving proprioception & muscle stability during high-rep tricep exercises, or relief from chronic joint/tendon discomfort
  • IMPROVES CIRCULATION around the affected region, which aids in metabolizing lactic acid & other natural by-products of fatigue, increases muscle oxygenation, & accelerates tissue recovery
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY FABRIC blend is soft, breathable, and draws perspiration away from the skin to prevent skin irritation & odor build up during either high-intensity training or prolonged wear
  • FLEXIBLE & SLIM sleeve design accommodates a broad range of arm shapes & sizes; fits easily beneath a shirt, won’t slip or cause discomfort from improper strap tightness
  • NATURAL MOVEMENT is an important part of any recovery plan; many braces overcompensate, or restrict movement, whereas our compression sleeve provides a much closer & milder level of support

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